Goings: Bob Berring

As most of you know by now, Bob Berring ’74 retired as of Jun 30, 2017.  Although Bob had been interim dean of the law school, professor of Contracts, Chinese law, Advanced Legal Research, etc., dean of the library school, the best 1L orientation speaker that ever lived, Distinguished Teaching Award winner, and many other things to many other people, Bob was first (and we in the library like to think foremost) the Director of the Law Library. Below is a link to our tribute to Bob, done (as most things are in the law library) as a community effort by many members of the library staff.  We hope you enjoy our version and memories of Bob!
Tribute: https://www.law.berkeley.edu/library/bob.php

Video: In Rebel With a Cause, Bob tells the story of the political protests at his ’74 class graduation.