New Hires

Welcome to our new employees:


Prithika Balakrishnan, Lecturer;

Emily Berry, Lecturer of Legal Writing;

Juliet Bonczkowski, Database Enrollment Specialist, Financial Aid;

Fiona Bradford, Helpdesk Analyst, IS&T;

Charles Cannon, Senior Assistant Dean and COO;

Ann Chernicoff, Associate Director, Private Sector Counselor, CDO;

Katie Cisco, Academic HR Analyst;

Alexandra Diamant, Program Coordinator, BCLBE;

Megan Graham, Clinical Teaching Fellow, Samuelson Law, Technology & Public Policy Clinic;

Assaf Hamdani, Visiting Professor;

Patrick Heller, Visiting Assistant Researcher, CLEE;

Judge Thelton E. Henderson, Visiting Professor;

Deborah Kang, Director, Startup @Berkeley Law;

Desiree Lafleur, New Business Practicum Teaching Fellow;

Ted Lamm, Research Fellow, CLEE;

Joseph Lindsay, Assistant Director of Admissions;

David Lopez, Academic HR Analyst;

Sydney Moss, Recruitment Specialist, Academic Planning and Coordination;

Graham Ravdin, Privacy Fellow, BCLT;

Amnon Reichman, Visiting Associate Professor of Comparative Civil Law;

Molly Vitorte, Deputy Director, Human Rights Center;

Robert Walker, Clinical Supervising Attorney, Samuelson Law, Technology & Public Policy Clinic; and

Lyndsey Wallace, Culture, Diversity & Intergroup Relations Lab Manager.