2017 Merit increases for non-represented staff

Thank you to everyone for participating in the annual performance review process. We hope you all had productive conversations with your supervisors and have clear goals for the upcoming year. If you need assistance identifying development opportunities to help you to reach your goals, please feel free to contact HR.

Managers have completed the merit process for eligible employees (non-represented, career staff hired prior to 1/1/17) and submitted their salary recommendations to Central Campus for processing. Merit increases will be awarded retroactively to July 1, 2017 for monthly paid employees and June 18, 2017 for bi-weekly paid employees.

Employees paid monthly will see the merit increase in their paycheck on 11/1/17 and those on a bi-weekly schedule will see the merit increase in their 10/18/17 paycheck. Both monthly paid and bi-weekly paid employees will receive retroactive payments on their 11/1/17 paycheck.