Looking for Budget-friendly Fun in Berkeley?

Looking for budget-friendly fun in Berkeley? Make sure you check out this recent article in the New York Times:
The article not only describes several great eateries and other sources of entertainment throughout the city of Berkeley, but also mentions the nearby Faculty Club – saying : “What may have been the most fun dining deal, though, came at the most unlikely of places. Ready? It’s the Faculty Club on the Berkeley campus. . . . The interior is somewhere between the Great Hall at Hogwarts and Great Northern Hotel from “Twin Peaks” — antlers above the fireplace, vaulted ceilings and plenty of long wooden tables. In the Kerr dining room, we sat down and shared a thick, juicy burger ($9.95) and a soup-and-salad combo ($11) with club sandwich and Southwestern-style chicken soup.”  Check out the menu here.

I personally can recommend the lunch menu at the Women’s Faculty Club. You do need to have a  member in your group to dine there, but there are plenty of members at the law school. I, for one, would be happy to take advantage of my membership and go to lunch with anyone who wants to try it! (Lunch is the best part of the day, every day! Just shoot me an email!)(Holly Johnson, in the development office)