Spotlight on: ADP

Since 1949, Berkeley Law has welcomed students with a first degree in law from a foreign country to our LL.M. (Master of Laws) program. Students from every continent (except Antarctica) have completed their LL.M. at Berkeley Law. Our 3-year J.S.D. degree (Doctor of Juridical Science) gives students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge, allowing them to teach law and become judges in their home countries.


Our LL.M. program has undergone a period of significant growth and change in the last 10 years. Today, our ADP team recruits, admits, on-boards, advises, and graduates 450+ LL.M. and J.S.D. students each year. Not only has the number of LL.M. students in our academic year, in-residence traditional track increased, but we have launched two additional program tracks, the professional track (two in-residence summer semesters ) and the hybrid option (two online semesters and one in-residence summer semester).


It takes a dedicated, entrepreneurial, and talented team to recruit and admit each geographically-balanced and highly qualified class of students, to advise them about courses and professional development, and to plan events for them that are intellectually engaging and foster connection to each other and the Berkeley Law community. And the staff in ADP does it all, with enthusiasm, efficiency, and good cheer. ADP is in Room 214, right across from the Dean’s Suite.


Meet our team (and come visit us!):


Evelyn Borchert, Dir. of Academic Advising: Administers the J.S.D. program and provides academic advising and student services support to all J.S.D. and LL.M. students


Jodi Collova, Dir. of LL.M. Legal Research & Writing: Hires and supervises 14 lecturers and 21 tutors each year, develops the curriculum for LL.M. legal research and writing, and teaches courses in the program


Kara Ganter, Dir. of Communications: Directs communications and marketing strategies for all ADP programs and global recruiting events


Natalie Golden, Asst. Dir. of Admissions: Supports all aspects of admissions for LL.M. tracks and the J.S.D. program, guiding students through the application and enrollment process


Anya Grossmann, Dir. of Global Outreach & Recruitment: Directs global outreach strategy and efforts for LL.M. and executive education programs, personally meets with 100s of prospective students and travels to more than 10 international cities each year


Liza Jimenez, Assoc. Dir. of Student Services and Recruiting: Supports admissions and high-touch recruitment efforts by representing the LL.M. and J.S.D. programs at international recruitment events worldwide and by nurturing relationships with admitted students to foster retention


Peter Landreth and Rachel Zuraw, Directors of Professional Development: Direct professional development including trainings, mock interviews and resume review, and individual advising appointments


Vivian Le, Administrative Asst.: Gives a warm welcome at the reception desk and is the first point of contact for all calls and walk-ins; provides comprehensive administrative support for our staff of 9 by organizing logistics for student events and process all departmental financial logistics


Erin Weldon, Dir. of Admissions: Manages admissions and scholarships for LL.M. and J.S.D. programs, reviewing the majority of thousands of applications received each year; administers two databases used by admissions and recruiting staff


Susan Whitman, Asst. Dean for Academic Planning: Oversees ADP and its terrific team of student services, admissions, communication, and recruiting specialists.


Claire Blide, Registrar’s Office (not pictured): Supports ADP by providing invaluable assistance in scheduling our professional track and hybrid option



[front row, L to R] Jodi Collova; Liza Jimenez; Vivian Le; Kara Ganter; Erin Weldon

[back row, L to R] Peter Landreth; Anya Grossmann; Susan Whitman; Rachel Zuraw; Evelyn Borchert; Natalie Golden