Mallory Lass

Technically she is employed by UDAR, but her services encompass everyone doing fundraising in Law. Mallory is flexible, thoughtful, and incredibly patient. She has produced innumerable reports that guide my planning, and she has provided invaluable orientation in the ways of UDAR and Berkeley fundraising as a whole. She is a trained lawyer which may explain why she is such a clear communicator and incisive thinker. I would have been at a total loss without her encouragement and direction in this first year of my working here.

~Judith Katz

Emma Lindley

We received feedback from one of our Lecturers today, who reached out to compliment Emma Lindley, describing her as “prompt, friendly, professional and a pleasure to work with.”  We feel the same way!  Thank you, Emma, for all you do! We’re so thrilled to have you on our team!!

~Marva de Marothy

Roberto Contreras Osorio

He is so helpful with anything having to do with the very important issues having to do with the physical office space. Friendly, modest, and meticulous about details. He hung up a number of framed items in my office, schooled me on office temperature control, and advised me on the care of my fake tree, based on his own experience decorating the home of a famed Hollywood director.

~Judith Katz

Matthew Ray

Thanks for the good company and all the community and capacity building you’ve facilitated leading the Center Admins group. (We tried lobbying for 4 more years but settled for your moving on to another exciting position.)

~Your Center Admin devotees

 Ron Skinner x2

Thank you, Ron, for managing the Mail Room and single handedly making sure that mail and supplies are delivered in a timely fashion. You are living up to the Postal Service creed “neither rain nor snow nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” Thank you!

~gar Russell

Thanks SO much for keeping the boat afloat in stormy waters!

~Charles Cannon

Delia Violante & Rachel Zuraw

Thank you Rachel and Delia for starting the Knitting Club! You inspired me to learn how to crochet and knit and now I’m sufficiently embarrassed by the size of my yarn stash, just like a real knitter. It’s been really fun to learn. But maybe most importantly, I especially appreciate the opportunity to get to know staff members in other departments and on other floors through non-work activities.

I know it’s not easy to manage this group on top of all that you both do for your day jobs, so I wanted to say thank you!

~Anya Grossmann

Oliver Kay, Monique Macaulay, Kevin Durkin-Ortiz, and Doug Avila

We would like to nominate four library staff members for ShoutOut Awards. We feel they deserve this recognition for helping the library keep the Circulation desk staffed during the first two weeks of law school in January when we had no undergraduate student assistants. These four people set aside their normal responsibilities to make sure that students, faculty and staff received excellent service at the Circulation desk at a time when the rest of the campus was still on break. We shouted out “help” and they stepped up!

~Marci Hoffman and Michael Levy

Toni Mendocino

Thank you Toni for your hard work–well beyond the call of duty with technology recalcitrants!

~Charles Cannon

Marva de Marothy

During this frightful transition to UCPath, Marva has been really looking out for my group to make sure we are prepared for the transition. Although my group of visiting scholars and visiting student researchers are unpaid non-employees, Marva still treats them with the same level of importance as paid employees. She has been proactive and diligent. I am so grateful to her. Thank you, Marva.

~Farrah Fanara

Emma Lindley

Emma Lindley is great, really. This week, we asked her to help with two field placement things and she turned it around in no time and she helped to clarify a discrepancy she discovered that will make all lecturers helping with the field placement program much happier and our lives a bit easier in terms of administering the program! While generating the information may have been part of your regular job, her willingness to do it immediately and to find the answer that benefits all is the above and beyond!

Thank you, Emma – cheers to you,

Sue Schechter and Kristen Holmquist

I-Wei Wong

Thank you I-Wei for making my life infinitely better by finding a Restatement in an editable format when nobody else could help me. You even made a movie to walk me through it. You’re a fabulous part of the excellent law library team. Thank you! With respect,

~Toni Mendicino

David Whiteneck, Anthony Chin, Julia Lai, Melissa Kendrick

Thank you so very much for your hard work expanding and improving the law school’s departmental budgeting process. However much the results are behind the scenes, the impact on the school is tremendous. The Berkeley Law budget process and materials have never been this good!

~Charles Cannon