Networking for the Networking Challenged

I am sure our 2Ls and 3Ls are tired of hearing us talk with or email them about the central importance of networking, especially in the current challenging legal job market.  We’ve posted on this topic before herehere and here.  Tiring as it may be to hear over and over again, it doesn’t make it any less true.  We’ve read in various places that 70% of jobs are obtained through contacts.

Simply reacting to posted job announcements is not enough in this market.  You need to be sufficiently plugged in so when jobs open up, you hear about them from others before they are posted.  Or, you need to have someone in your network who may know the potential employer, or knows someone who knows someone who works there, so they can get your application materials a more careful look.

There is a recent article in the Legal Intelligencer (posted on the website) that may help you if you feel networking is just not one of your strengths (as many lawyers and law students do).  Its entitled “Four Tips For Reluctant Networkers” and its definitely worth a read.

For further help in developing your networking skills, visit Networking Section of the CDO website (via the Career Development and Job Search Skills link on the CDO homepage).  Also, CDO counselors can help you build and expand your professional network.