Passage of Dodd-Frank Bill Will Increase SEC Enforcement Activities

Today’s Recorder contains an article written by a partner in Covington & Burling’s SF office who predicts that the SEC will ramp up its enforcement activities as a result of new powers conferred by the  Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. 

Unfortunately, the article is password-protected, so you will need to get the print version either in the CDO or in the main library.

But, the career-related take-away for us is that we can expect the SEC to be busier than ever (as well as the law firms that do SEC enforcement work and/or those that have securities litigation practices and/or those that represent financial services clients).

As the article concludes:

“Dodd-Frank has ramped up the SEC’s enforcement mandates to a level greater than at any time since the agency was created. Its jurisdictional reach is broader, the number of causes of action it can bring has increased, and its available remedies have expanded. Public companies, regulated entities and hedge funds, as well as their officers, directors and employees, should prepare for a significant increase in SEC enforcement activity.”