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Passage of Dodd-Frank Bill Will Increase SEC Enforcement Activities

Today’s Recorder contains an article written by a partner in Covington & Burling’s SF office who predicts that the SEC will ramp up its enforcement activities as a result of new powers conferred by the  Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. 

Unfortunately, the article is password-protected, so you will need to get the print version either in the CDO or in the main library.

But, the career-related take-away for us is that we can expect the SEC to be busier than ever (as well as the law firms that do SEC enforcement work and/or those that have securities litigation practices and/or those that represent financial services clients).

As the article concludes:

“Dodd-Frank has ramped up the SEC’s enforcement mandates to a level greater than at any time since the agency was created. Its jurisdictional reach is broader, the number of causes of action it can bring has increased, and its available remedies have expanded. Public companies, regulated entities and hedge funds, as well as their officers, directors and employees, should prepare for a significant increase in SEC enforcement activity.”    

Advice from the Non-Profit Sector: Typical Day of An Effective Job Seeker

Some helpful specific job search advice from executive search consultant Sally Carlson recently appeared in Blue Avocado, an information website for non-profits. 

Nearly all of it applies to the private sector as well.

Among other things, Carlson offers practical, concrete suggestions for building your network and describes a day in the life of an effective job seeker.   


Policy Changes At SEC May Have An Impact On Local Enforcement

From the Recorder (via, we are informed about some policy changes at the SEC that are changing how the San Francisco office is doing its work.  Those of you interested in securities regulation and litigation may be particularly interested.  You can read the whole article (entitled “San Francisco SEC Office Trying to Slim Down, Toughen Up”) here.  

Increases in Government Workforces Predicted

A recent Washington Post piece reports on expected increases in federal hiring as a result of President Obama’s budget and the bailout package.

Public Interest Careers and Managing Law School Debt

Interesting exchange from Slate magazine’s “My Goodness:  Advice on How To Make the World Better” Department having to do with managing law school debt while pursuing a public interest or public sector career. 

Fellowships — Opportunity Builders

A recent piece in the Wall Street Journal’s Career Journal highlights fellowships as a way of opening new doors on one’s career path.  The article talks about the White House Fellowship program and quotes Boalt alum (and former White House fellow) Diane Yu who talks about her own career path. 

The CDO will be hosting an informational conference call about the White House Fellows Program with Boalt alums who served as fellows   

PSLAWNET gets an Upgrade

Those of you exploring public interest or government work may already be familiar with PSLAWNET, a public interest employer and jobs database containing information from over 10,000 law-related public service organizations and offices around the world and a running balance of about 2,500 job opportunities. Berkeley Law subscribes to it, so it is free for students and alums (though you have to register the first time you use it).

If you have visited PSLAWNET before, you will notice some big improvements the next time you go out there. Job seekers can now upload their resumes and submit them directly to employers. Also, you can flag and store individual job postings and organization profiles, along with entire search results, using the new “my favorites” tool.

There is also a brand new “Career Central” section containing lots of career search resources and useful links. Check it out here.