Need-Based Grants

Applying for Financial Aid and Need-based Grants

The following is a reminder about the application process for financial aid for the 2015-2016 academic year. We are writing to ask that you submit your FAFSA application early during the month of February. Please do not wait until an admission decision is made to submit your FAFSA to Berkeley.


Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online with Berkeley Law’s school code 001312. Submit your application by the priority deadline of March 2, 2015 in order to be considered for a need-based grant or scholarships.

Entering First Year Students and Applicants: Students admitted after the priority deadline are encouraged to wait until they have their Student ID Number to submit the Supplemental Application.

Limited resources are available for international students. Click here for more information.


Students applying for need-based grants, in addition to submitting the FAFSA, must also submit the following:

Tips on completing your application process:

  • Submit complete student information with spouse information, if married, and be sure to include accurate and complete financial information on both the FAFSA and Supplemental Application. Some students choose to file their federal and state income tax returns early in order to have their information ready by the March 2 deadline.
  • Submit complete parent information on both the FAFSA and Supplemental Application unless you will turn 30 years old by December 31, 2015or have worked with us to establish independence as an exception. Again, be sure that the financial information you provide is both complete and accurate. Visit our Need-Based Grants page for details.
  • International students applying for need-based grants should complete a FAFSA utilizing the SSN/SIN created by LSAC when asked for a social security number in the online application. This system generated number can be found once logged into LSAC. Although the completed FAFSA will be rejected by the US Department of Education for the purposes of federal student aid, the needed information will load into our financial aid system, completing the FAFSA requirement for need-based grant consideration. The Supplemental Application for Need-Based Grants is also required for consideration.


Entering First Year Students: Scholarships are awarded on a rolling basis typically beginning in April. Separate scholarship notifications are sent by the Admissions Office when awards are made. Everyone is considered for general scholarships but information on applying for specific scholarships will be made available upon admission.

Continuing Students: We announce Berkeley Law scholarships for continuing students at least once a year. Check our website and follow our blog for details.


If all of your required information is received by March 2, we will attempt to have a preliminary financial aid offer available to you by early April. Financial aid offers cannot be made available before April.

Entering First Year Students and Applicants: For students admitted after March 2 or who complete applications after March 2, financial aid offers will be provided weekly after initial awards are sent.


Applications received after the March 2 priority deadline will be considered for gift aid (grants and scholarships) on a first-come first-served basis if funds remain available.


It is the student’s responsibility to meet all financial aid requirements and deadlines. Incomplete applications may result in processing delays. We encourage you to use the Entering Student Checklist or Continuing Student Checklist to keep track of what you submitted.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Reminder: FAFSA Deadline Approaching

The priority filing deadline for the 2012-13 FAFSA and Supplemental Application for Need-based Grants is March 2, 2012.

Students who will be 2Ls or 3Ls next year who are applying for Need-Based Grants will also need to submit their Expected Summer Earnings Statement to the Financial Aid Office by April 15, 2012 (and later the Confirmed Summer Earnings Statement). Entering 1Ls do not need to complete these two forms this year.

For more info, see the grant instructions.

How to file FAFSA to multiple schools and include parent information for Berkeley only

As you may already know, the FAFSA application for 2012-13 is now available.

All students who wish to be considered for a need-based grant MUST submit complete parent information on the FAFSA and supplemental application unless they meet the requirements for financial independence for that academic year. Without complete parent information, the applicant will not be considered for grant eligibility.
Students who do not wish to include  parent information on the FAFSA for other law schools may want to consider submitting the FAFSA to those schools first, then resubmitting for Berkeley. This can be done once an e mail is received confirming receipt of the initial FAFSA submission.  Remove those school codes, add the information to complete your application to Berkeley and resubmit with Berkeley’s school code, 001312.

FAFSA Deadline Approaching

Just a quick reminder:

The deadline for the FAFSA is this Wednesday, March 2nd. Berkeley’s School Code is 001312.

The deadline for the Supplemental Application is also March 2nd. This form is required for those interested in applying for need-based grants.

Note: People who intend to submit the Statement of Independence and are fairly sure they will qualify based on our criteria may submit the Statement after the deadline. The Statement of Independence is NOT due March 2nd.

2011-12 Need-Based Grant Application Process for Current (Continuing) Students

Starting with the 2011-2012 academic year we ask that students submit student and parent information on the FAFSA instead of the Need Access application. Because the FAFSA does not include a question on home value and debt we also ask that you submit the Supplemental Application for Need-Based Grants to provide us with this information. You must submit complete parental information on both the FAFSA and Supplemental Application unless you will be 30 years old by December 31, 2011 or meet Berkeley Law Financial Aid’s criteria for financial independence.

Note: Please be sure to include parental information on the FAFSA even if the FAFSA classifies you as an “independent” student. FAFSA’s dependency classification does not apply to Berkeley Law’s gift aid.

The Supplemental Application for Need-Based Grants also includes the Expected Summer Earnings information. As a continuing student, you are required to provide this information before an estimate of your grant eligibility can be calculated. Both the FAFSA and the Supplemental Application have a priority deadline of March 2, 2011.

If your applications are received by the deadline, your estimated grant eligibility will be included in your MyFinAid financial aid offer for 2011-2012 which will become available in late April or early May for continuing students.

To determine your actual Need-Based Grant eligibility, you will need to submit the Statement of Confirmed Summer Earnings by July 15, 2011. This form will be available in early summer.

Key Points:

  • Include parental info on the FAFSA instead of the Need Access Application
  • The priority deadline of March 2, 2011 is the same as last year’s
  • Berkeley Law’s definition of “independent” is different from FAFSA’s
  • Continuing students should include their Expected Summer Earnings info on the Supplemental Application
  • Offer letters for continuing students are expected to be available by early May
  • The Confirmed Summer Earnings Statement must be submitted by July 15, 2011
  • Both the priority and Confirmed Summer Earnings Statement deadlines are important because the limited need-based grant funds are awarded on a first-come first-served basis

See our Need-Based Grants page for details on the application process and eligibility policy.

Graduate Division Parent Grant

The Graduate Division administers a need-based grant for registered graduate student parents (single, married, or registered domestic partners) with dependent children living with them. This grant may be applied toward housing, dependent health insurance, child care, and/or fee and tuition costs. Awards of approximately $8000 per academic year will be made to eligible students, funding permitting.

The application deadline for continuing students is generally toward the end of March. New students must submit an application by the end of May to be considered for the Parent Grant. The application for the 2011-2012 academic year is not yet available. Check the Graduate Division web site for updated 2011-2012 application deadlines and the new application form: