William Fernholz Lauds Moot Court Case and Presiding Panel of Judges

-Contra Costa Times, April 2, 2009 by Matt Krupnick

“This is an all-star panel,” said William Fernholz, director of appellate programs for the UC Berkeley law school, in a written statement. “We would be lucky any year to have one of these judges preside over the final round. It’s like hitting the jackpot to have all three join us.”

-The Daily Californian, April 15, 2009 by Keena Batti

The case is centered on an actual lawsuit filed by the ACLU, which was never argued in the Supreme Court, according to Fernholz. “Justices that are sitting under the bench can’t talk about issues that might come before them,” he said. “This case is ideal in that it raises very complex and important issues, but thankfully, it’s moot.”