Aarti Kohli and Laurel Fletcher Criticize Deportation of Legal Immigrant Parents

-Los Angeles Times, April 1, 2010 by Teresa Watanabe

“It is a travesty that this is happening without any judicial discretion,” said Aarti Kohli, director of immigration policy for Berkeley Law School’s Warren Institute. “We’re not saying you can’t deport people. We’re saying there should be a fair judicial process that takes into account the impact on their children.”

-Futurity.org, April 12, 2010 by Claudia Morain

“As Congress considers immigration reform, it’s time to focus on how the current system tears apart families and threatens the health and education of tens of thousands of children,” says Aarti Kohli.

“The rights to health and education are firmly entrenched in international human rights law, and nearly every major human rights treaty recognizes the need for special protection of children,” says Laurel Fletcher…. “The U.S. should consider revising its policy to mirror European human rights standards, which permit judges to balance a nation’s security interest with the best interests of the child when considering deporting a parent.”