Roxanna Altholz Denounces U.S. Policy on Jailed Colombian Drug Lords

-PBS WIDE ANGLE, September 10, 2010 by Jennifer Janisch and Oriana Zill de Granados

According to Roxanna Altholz, a Colombian-American lawyer and Acting Head of University of California, Berkeley’s International Human Rights Law Clinic, the confessions were an important part of Colombia’s peace process. “In the U.S., justice looks something like long prison terms,” she says. “In Colombia, justice is truth…. They had incentives in Colombia to talk,” says Altholz. “What incentives do defendants facing drug charges and long jail sentences in the U.S. have to talk about their human rights abuses in Colombia?”

-The Washington Post, September 11, 2010 by Oriana Zill de Granados and Chisun Lee

Roxanna Altholz … who represents Colombian victims of paramilitary violence, said the United States has broken a promise made on the day of the extraditions by Ambassador William R. Brownfield…. “So far,” Altholz said, “none of those promises have been kept.”