Pamela Samuelson Recommends Copyright Law Reform

-San Francisco Chronicle, September 26, 2010 by Pamela Samuelson

Did you ever imagine you could be held liable for copyright infringement for storing your music collection on your hard drive, downloading photos from the Internet or forwarding news articles to your friends? If you did not get the copyright owner’s permission for these actions, you could be violating the law. It sounds absurd, but copyright owners have the right to control reproductions of their works and claim statutory damages even when a use does not harm the market for their works.

-Los Angeles Examiner, September 28, 2010 by Seth Chavez

Professor Samuelson says such user-generated content challenges copyright law because it’s typically created by non-professionals—amateurs with different needs than, say, Hollywood studios. “Copyright law touches us all on a daily basis and now millions of people who create user-generated works have become copyright stakeholders,” said professor Samuelson. “Copyright law needs to be simpler, understandable, and more flexible to change with the times.”