Aaron Edlin Comments on FTC Antitrust Review of Google

-KGO-TV, June 24, 2011 by Mark Matthews

“There are a huge number of complaints: people, many websites feel that what Google is doing in unfair,” UC Berkeley Boalt Hall School of Law Prof. Aaron Edlin, Ph.D., said. Edlin is an expert on antitrust issues. He says there been a lot of pressure for the government to investigate Google to see if what they are doing is illegal. “And it may be, though my betting right now is that a case won’t be brought,” Edlin said.

-San Francisco Chronicle, Business Report, June 24, 2011 by James Temple and Casey Newton

Building a successful antitrust case against Google would require proving both that the company is a monopoly and that it has abused its position to undermine competitors and harm customers, said Aaron Edlin.

-San Francisco Chronicle, Business Report, June 25, 2011 by James Temple

Aaron Edlin … said it’s difficult to know whether any abuse has occurred, in part because it isn’t clear to the outside world what factors determine Google’s search rankings. The FTC subpoenas could shine more light on the company’s actual practices and the driving motivations for its decisions, he said.