Eric Stover Identifies War Victims

-PBS Newshour, March 25, 2011 Host Spencer Michaels

There’s torture. There’s abuse of prisoners. There’s disappearance. There’s movement of populations, sexual violence. And this ability, with these new technologies, to gather information, to map it all in, and to understand it in and be able to produce that and take that evidence to international criminal courts, is extremely valuable.

-The New York Times, November 18, 2011 by Rachel Nuwer

The sheer magnitude of genocidal killing in some places–Rwanda or Cambodia, for instance–can make it exceedingly difficult to identify remains. But in Bosnia, Dr. Stover says, “There’s no question that families wanted the remains returned. There’s not closure here,” he said. “But this chapter in a way is closed, and people can better move on with their lives.”