UC files ‘friend of the court’ brief regarding affirmative action

Kristen Holmquist and Amanda Tyler quoted in The Daily Californian, September 4, 2013

“What happens in California if the court upholds the 6th Circuit and strikes down Michigan’s proposition?” said Kristen Holmquist, a lecturer at UC Berkeley School of Law. “Then, arguably, Prop. 209 is also unconstitutional. Then the schools would be free to use race-based or race-related considerations in admissions again. The amicus brief makes it very clear to me that they would.”

Berkeley Law professor Amanda Tyler speculated that the court will uphold Michigan’s proposal, overturning the 6th Circuit ruling. “If the court reverses, as many people think they are likely to do, they will be in effect saying that something akin to ‘Prop. 209 is fine,'” Tyler said. “That would give the law greater legitimacy.”