Preparing students for Korea’s new legal market

Laurent Mayali and John Yoo quoted in the Daily Journal, February 20, 2014 (registration required)
-Berkeley Law professor Laurent Mayali, one of the center’s co-directors, said the prime minister’s involvement, along with the high number of Berkeley alumni in the Korean legal system, will allow for a two-way conversation between the two communities. “It’s really a joint enterprise,” he said.

-Yoo, the other co-director, said the former prime minister was already providing guidance during his first visit to the center, speaking at an internal conference the university held on territorial disputes between China, Japan and Korea. “Obviously, having somebody who’s in the room who’s been a part of the head of the government, giving the perspective of Korea, to understand the problem, the facts, and so on—for us it’s invaluable,” Yoo said.