‘Reckoning with that history’: UC Berkeley revists concerns over controversial building names

Charles Reichmann and Erwin Chemerinsky quoted in The Daily Californian, Aug. 28, 2017

Charles Reichmann, a lecturer at UC Berkeley School of Law, wrote an op-ed in May for the San Francisco Chronicle, arguing that Boalt Hall ought to be renamed as well. Boalt Hall was named after John Boalt, an attorney known for anti-Chinese rhetoric, according to Reichmann.

“It’s important to note that John Boalt himself had no relationship with the law school,” Chemerinsky said in his statement. “Nonetheless, the name is used widely colloquially within and outside the school, and the concerns raised are meaningful.” To address these concerns, the law school is forming a diverse committee of school stakeholders to review the use of “Boalt” as a name for the school, according to Chemerinsky.