Andrea Roth

Andrea Roth Says Judge’s DNA Opinion Merits Public Scrutiny

Daily Journal, February 28, 2012 by John Roemer (registration required)

“Judge Karlton’s analysis is significant in part because it unearths problematic details about the way the statute actually operates,” Roth said, “such as that the federal regulations have no provision for comparing the arrestee’s DNA profile to future arrestee profiles for identification purposes, that federal officials do in fact retain samples indefinitely, and that the law does not require federal officials ever to destroy the sample, even after dismissal or acquittal.”

David Sklansky, Andrea Roth Weigh in on Mirkarimi Case

San Francisco Chronicle, January 20, 2012 by Bob Egelko

Lopez went to her neighbor a day after the New Year’s Eve incident, but prosecutors might be able to show she was still traumatized when she made the taped statements, said David Sklansky, a UC Berkeley law professor.

Lopez’s recorded statements about her physical pain and alleged fears of her husband might be allowed in court, under that hearsay exception, but an account of how she was injured probably wouldn’t be, said Andrea Roth, another Berkeley law professor.