Ann O’Leary

Former Clinton adviser Ann O’Leary joins Boies Schiller

Ann O’Leary quoted by Daily Journal (registration required), Jan. 18, 2017

“I am very excited to join the go-to team of incredibly innovative and talented litigators who are called on to solve the toughest problems at the most critical times, and who also dedicate their legal talents to fighting for social justice in our country.”

Edley rebounds, renews fight for social equity

Christopher Edley, Jr., and Ann O’Leary cited in Diverse: Issues in Higher Education, March 3, 2016

“This new organization is combating the cycle of poverty with a cycle of opportunity, attacking the obstacles to success at critical stages in life,” Edley said. “Our approach to complex challenges is unique. We work across traditional issue silos and disciplinary perspectives, using an exceptionally broad range of tools to promote change at the local, state and national levels.”


The other co-founder of Opportunity Institute is Ann O’Leary, a senior policy adviser to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Obamacare: California can use the ACA to improve its economy and people’s lives

Ann O’Leary and Jeffrey Selbin write for San Jose Mercury News, September 13, 2013

Under the ACA, California has created a health care marketplace, Covered California, where individuals and families can enroll in Medi-Cal, get financial assistance to purchase health coverage or compare private health plans. Obamacare will extend health care coverage to millions of uninsured Californians, but it also is a chance to increase participation in other safety net and work support programs.

Childhood programs need state’s support

Ann O’Leary writes for San Francisco Chronicle, June 16, 2013 (registration required)

Helping young children in need once was considered only a moral issue; now it is an economic imperative for our state and the country to mitigate the pernicious and long-lasting effects of childhood poverty. Studies on successful early education programs show that the return on investment is anywhere from $7 to $13 for every $1 spent. These savings are seen in more productive citizens, less crime and reduced rates of teen pregnancy— along with the increased earning power that reduces the chance of poverty later in life.

Ann O’Leary Applauds Hillary Clinton’s Speech

San Francisco Chronicle, September 17, 2011 by Stacy Finz

Ann O’Leary, a lecturer at UC Berkeley’s law school who attended Clinton’s speech, was particularly impressed by how Clinton used data and research to make her point.  “It was incredibly pulled together,” O’Leary said. “And her goals are realistic.”

Ann O’Leary Addresses Economic Instability of US Families

The Washington Post, Conversations, August 11, 2011 by Ann O’Leary

We need to consider the basic fact that small children need care, as do ailing and elderly family members…. But cuts are cutting programs that provide in-home services to the elderly and child care for low-income workers.  Employers often do not have policies for workers that allow them to take leave when needed to provide critical care.  We can’t think of these two problems in silos, but need to consider them together.

Ann O’Leary Reveals GOP Maneuver to Block Funds for Rape Victims

Mother Jones, May 3, 2011 by Nick Baumann

“Unfortunately, it is sometimes the practice on Capitol Hill for Members of Congress and their staffs to use [committee] reports … to try to manipulate the meaning of the language passed by Congress,” says Ann O’Leary…. “It is clear here that the committee report tries to narrow the meaning of rape.”

Ann O’Leary Wants Policies that Accommodate Working Families

Webmaster Radio, Purse Strings, January 25, 2011 Host Maria Reitan

“We’ve laid an important groundwork, and the administration is beginning to do some simple but important things such as collecting good data, so that we know what’s happening with workers in the United States: when are they taking family leave, how is it impacting their family economic security, what’s happening with workplace flexibility, how can we do a better job to highlight some of those issues?”

Ann O’Leary Notes Limits of Executive Power

Monterey County Herald, December 5, 2010 by Steven Thomma

“It’s a careful balancing act for presidents. They have this authority, but they can’t overreach,” said Ann O’Leary, a lecturer at the University of California-Berkeley School of Law. “Presidents want to make sure they have the legal authority, but also that they don’t anger Congress.”