Anne O’Connell

Obama’s immigration reforms stuck in courts

Anne Joseph O’Connell quoted in International Business Times, April 15, 2015

Anne Joseph O’Connell … said the 5th Circuit needed to address the issue whether Texas and the other states really had the locus standi to file a suit against the federal government. She cited the recent Mississippi case as a precedent. “That’s the best chance with a conservative panel for President Obama and the Department of Homeland Security to go forward” with DAPA and the DACA extension, she said.

Texas judge’s immigration rebuke may be hard to challenge

Anne O’Connell interviewed by Reuters, February 18, 2015

O’Connell said it was hard to predict how the appeals court would rule in the end, although she thought it was likely the court would lift Hanen’s temporary injunction and allow the Obama administration to begin putting its program in place.

Fox Ten O’Clock News

Anne Joseph O’Connell interviewed for Fox Ten O’Clock News, November 21, 2014

The statutes from Congress do give the president, in a variety of circumstances, discretion in terms of enforcement. And that’s what President Obama is relying on.