Catherine Albiston

Flexibility for families that work

Catherine Albiston writes for San Francisco Chronicle, July 19, 2013

Attitudes about work and family are changing along with families. Men and women aged 18 to 32 want to work less, spend more time with family, and work for family-friendly employers. They want partners who both work and care for the kids. But the workplace lags behind these demographic and cultural changes, still requiring long hours, constant availability and complete devotion.

Benefit of office face time a myth

Catherine Albiston and Shelley Correll write for CNN, March 14, 2013

Studies show that people tend to network, cooperate and collaborate with others like themselves, so hallway conversations may merely result in interactions among those who think alike. It’s the collaboration among diverse groups of people that fosters the most creative and cutting-edge thinking. Because virtual interactions through online chats and teleconferencing make personal similarities less obvious, these may be better than hallway conversations for cultivating innovation.