Daniel Farber

Daniel Farber Describes CLEE’s New Blog, Legal Planet

AWRA Water Resources Blog, March 12, 2009 by Michael Campana

“Legal Planet focuses on significant developments in law and policy for a general audience,” said Dan Farber, director of Berkeley Law’s environmental law program…. “We highlight the latest legal and policy initiatives, and examine the impact they might have on our planet. Do they protect our natural resources, or impair our legacy for future generations? Do they reduce our carbon footprint, or worsen climate change? Are they real steps forward, or merely political posturing?”

Christopher Edley and Daniel Farber Bemoan State Cuts to Education

Daily Californian, Dec. 3, 2008 by Stephanie Lee

Looking beyond the UC system, Edley said he perceives public education throughout the state as “broken” overall. “The vast majority of students leave without having achieved a certificate, much less a degree,” he said.

Dan Farber, a professor at Boalt Hall School of Law, said that he left last night’s panel discussion impressed—but worried for the future of higher education in California. “It’s remarkable that the campus and UC have managed to maintain their quality while being starved to death,” he said

Jesse Choper and Daniel Farber Scoff at Lawsuit Citing Ineligibility Clause to Block Clinton Appointment

The Washington Times, Dec. 3, 2008 by Christina Bellantoni

“The courts would decline to hear that lawsuit on the grounds that this is a matter to be resolved in a political process,” Mr. Choper said.

Dan Farber, another Berkeley constitutional law professor, said there was no conflict when Mr. Bush signed the order earlier this year. “The last thing he had in mind was that he could sway Clinton’s vote by promising her the position with higher pay, and any possible conflict is eliminated if she doesn’t actually get the higher salary,” he said.

Daniel Farber Notes Stark Difference between Obama and McCain’s Energy Plans

San Francisco Chronicle, Oct. 24, 2008 by Dan Farber

“Obama has proposed specific incentives and regulatory mandates, where McCain expresses only a vague hope that tax credits and prizes will stimulate change. If we have learned nothing else from 30 years of U.S. environmental law, it is that goals count for little without concrete legal strategies for accomplishing them.”

Daniel Farber Says No-Fly Ruling by Ninth Circuit Will Have Wide Impact

KQED, August 20, by Peter Schuller
http://www.kqed.org (news story not online)

UC Berkeley School of Law Professor Dan Farber said the ruling won’t have a direct impact outside the Ninth Circuit, but it might have an indirect influence…. “If there are appellate circuits that haven’t considered this issue, it could be influential partly because of the author of the opinion.”