David Carrillo

Panel on track to present state Legislature with revised Political Reform Act

David Carrillo cited by Northern California Record, Dec. 8, 2016

The FPPC has worked much of this year with experts, including University of California law students under the direction of UC-Berkeley’s David A. Carrillo, FPPC communications director Jay Wierenga said. … Carrillo is founder of UC-Berkeley School of Law’s California Constitution Center and is recognized as one of only a handful of scholars who study the California Constitution.

Prop N. doesn’t pass muster

David A. Carrillo co-writes for Daily Journal (registration required), Nov. 22, 2016

San Francisco voters approved Proposition N in November 2016. It would permit “a noncitizen resident of San Francisco who is of legal voting age and the parent, legal guardian or legally recognized caregiver of a child living in the San Francisco Unified School District to vote for members of the Board of Education.” This measure is contrary to controlling state law.

#Calexit: Is it possible for California to secede from U.S.

David Carrillo quoted by ABC 10, Nov. 9, 2016

“There is no legal basis for a state to secede from the union.” Carrillo said. “The U.S. Constitution (A4s3) has a procedure for adding new states or subdividing existing states–both require Congress to consent. But there is no procedure, at all, in the U.S. constitution for a state to secede.”

Proposal to let noncitizens vote for SF school board resurrected

David Carrillo quoted by San Francisco Chronicle, June 7, 2016

David Carrillo … said the measure probably violates the state Constitution. “The California Constitution limits the franchise to citizens,” Carrillo said in an email. “And the Legislature (which controls voter qualifications for statewide elections) has by statute limited voting to citizens. So even if it passes, this measure’s prospects in the courts are dubious.”

Will Obama look west to California for Supreme Court nominee?

David Carrillo and Melissa Murray quoted on NBCNews.com, Feb. 16, 2016

David A. Carrillo, executive director of the California Constitution Center at Berkeley Law, agreed: “California is the tail that wags the dog on so many issues.”

Maybe the famous swing justice would have extra sympathy for a Californian. As Murray put it wryly, “We are always thinking about how to resonate with Justice Kennedy.”

Plan to allow S.F. 16-year-olds vote won’t be on 2015 ballot

David Carrillo quoted in San Francisco Chronicle, June 8, 2015

“A California charter city lowering the voting age for its residents is not so clearly legal that no one would challenge it,” said David A. Carrillo. … “It’s a new question. If it’s limited to San Francisco local elections, that probably gets upheld as a municipal affair. But there’s no question that the Legislature controls voter qualifications for statewide elections.”