Ethan Elkind

Where to plug in? Lack of charging options is a big barrier to electric car adoption in California

Ethan Elkind quoted by KPCC-FM, June 29, 2017

Now, the question of where to charge is a bigger issue, especially for the 40 percent of Californians who live in multi-unit apartment buildings, said Ethan Elkind. … Many of them don’t have a dedicated parking spot, which makes it difficult to charge an electric car at home. “It’s really telling that 80 percent of electric vehicle drivers live in a single-family home,” Elkind said.

Wall Street embraces Tesla–but will American drivers follow?

Ethan Elkind interviewed by KQED-FM, April 11, 2017

“This is a crucial technology for reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, there’s no doubt about it. … If we cannot switch to cleaner fuels, we’re not going to be able to achieve our long-term goals. Fortunately, electric vehicles present a really viable, attractive option as a different fuel source for driving.”

Report: Infill is key to California’s future

Ethan Elkind quoted by Builder Online, March 28, 2017

“By encouraging housing near jobs, services and transit, along with savings on household energy use, the state can grow its economy and eliminate almost 1.8 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year,” says Ethan Elkind. … “That’s the equivalent of avoiding emissions from 378,100 passenger vehicles annually.”

How California can hit housing and greenhouse emission goals

Ethan Elkind quoted by The Mercury News, March 27, 2017

“Even building in more expensive markets, you’re providing economic benefits for the people who live there. And there are huge quality-of-life benefits. You’re allowing people to live close to jobs and services; somebody is no longer having to commute in from a place like Tracy, for example. They could live in Santa Clara.”

5 key players in climate showdown with Trump

Ethan Elkind quoted by Greenwire, Feb. 8, 2017

California can exert influence over the next four years, said Ethan Elkind. … The state through its programs invests in renewable technologies, helping push down costs. And as California adopts climate rules and sees a healthy economy, he said, “that creates a powerful example for the rest of the world to follow.”

Republicans begin to repeal Obama’s environmental legacy

Ethan Elkind quoted by Colorlines, Feb. 2, 2017

“By removing these regulations, you’re removing protections for clean air, clean water,” said Ethan Elkind. … “It’s safe to say that every time you remove environmental protection, very often communities of color and disadvantaged communities are most at risk, because they’re closer to those industrial facilities that these regulations are designed to limit pollution and other harmful health effects from.”

State climate policies are boosting San Joaquin Valley’s economy

Ethan Elkind co-writes for The Sacramento Bee, Jan. 20, 2017

This study looked at our state’s carbon cap-and-trade program, renewable energy policy and energy efficiency programs. The data revealed plenty of economic costs, but even greater economic benefits. In total, these key climate policies have boosted the San Joaquin Valley’s economy by more than $13 billion.