Franklin Zimring

‘A major step forward’: California passes criminal justice reforms in 2018

Franklin Zimring in the DailyCal, November 29, 2018

“If you and I agree to do a robbery, and you bring a gun and you shoot somebody, and I didn’t know about that and I didn’t approve — too bad, I’m also a murderer under the federal murder rule,” said campus professor Franklin Zimring, faculty director of the criminal justice studies program at the UC Berkeley School of Law, in explanation of the overturned felony murder law.

Location of Golden State Killer trial could turn on several factors

Franklin Zimring quoted by Daily Journal (registration required), April 30, 2018

With so many crimes in so many jurisdictions, standard practices like trying the most serious charges first aren’t as easy to apply, said Franklin Zimring. … “What do you do when you have 12 homicides in three or four locations? … The answer is there is substantial negotiation.”

Capital Beat: Repeal aside, New Hampshire not ready for executions

Elisabeth Semel and Franklin Zimring quoted by Concord Monitor, April 30, 2018

Protocols that were designed poorly or improperly have opened some states up to constitutional challenges upon implementation, according to Elisabeth Semel … tying them up in even more legal delays. … “It sounds like New Hampshire has a lot of work to do,” Semel said Friday.

“What’s going on here a status competition,” said Frank Zimring … speaking on New Hampshire’s repeal efforts. “What’s going on here is the symbolic dance which has absolutely nothing to do with pushing the state close to actual execution.”

Police are furious California lawmakers are trying to limit their use of deadly force

Franklin Zimring quoted by VICE News, April 5, 2018

“We have a history of an overwhelming tendency, whenever there’s any ambiguity, of giving the officer the benefit of the doubt,” said Franklin Zimring. … “But the much more specific ‘imminent threat of life or great bodily harm’ standard is a clear message of what the currency should be. You don’t kill people unless lives are at stake.”

Gun violence forum addresses gun control, policies, registration

Franklin Zimring quoted by The Daily Californian, March 23, 2018

According to Zimring, recent statistics provided by the U.S. government were off by nearly 50 percent when compared to the research done by him and his colleagues. He indicated that this may have to do with the supposed lobbying influence of the National Rifle Association, or NRA, and other gun rights activists.