Gillian Lester

Lawyers David Boies, Ted Olson inspire UC Berkeley Law grads

Gillian Lester and Kristen Holmquist cited in San Francisco Chronicle, May 10, 2014

>Acting Dean Gillian Lester cheers as litigators Ted Olson and David Boies hug after delivering their keynote addresses to about 400 graduates and their families at the UC Berkeley School of Law.

>Along with Lester, lecturer-in-residence Kristen Holmquist, class co-Presidents Cathy Kwon and James Unger and graduate student Kirian Claeye, the men spoke on a sunny day to an almost-full Greek Theatre.

Public service defines outgoing Berkeley Law dean’s legacy

Gillian Lester quoted in The Daily Californian, August 21, 2013

Lester said that one of Edley’s most notable contributions has been the establishment of research centers through the law school that are tailored to study and tackle some of the public’s most pressing issues. “One of his real strengths, his signature contributions, was to channel and help put our work toward on-the-ground policy reform,” she said. “He really made commitments to the public tradition of Berkeley Law.”

Ann O’Leary and Gillian Lester Propose New Family Security Insurance Plan

The Sacramento Bee, December 2, 2010 by Jessica Glenn Hallstrom

“Current access to paid time off for health and caregiving comes nowhere near to meeting the demand for it. During volatile economic times, many families simply can’t afford to take unpaid time off even for the most pressing and important health and family events,” explained Ann O’Leary.

Gillian Lester, Professor of Law at UC Berkeley and a contributor to the report said, “Addressing the lack of access to paid time off through national social insurance makes good economic sense…. More people need to take time off to care for themselves or a loved one, but few are able to afford the time away from work. This is exactly the kind of problem that social insurance was designed to address.”