Joanna Lydgate

Joanna Lydgate Reveals High Costs of Operation Streamline

Dallas Observer, October 21, 2010 by Stephen Lemons

In a report published by the University of California-Berkeley Law School’s Warren Institute on Race and Diversity, titled Assembly-Line Justice: A Review of Operation Streamline, researcher Joanna Lydgate estimated that it costs DHS $52.5 million per year to detain Streamline defendants in Tucson, at a rate of $100 per person per day…. She and other Warren Institute researchers suggested that zero-tolerance in Tucson alone could cost $1 billion a year.

Joanna Lydgate Wants Operation Streamline Shut Down

Los Angeles Times, May 14, 2010 by Joanna Lydgate,0,3643643.story

Operation Streamline is a waste of taxpayer dollars. Rather than expand the program as McCain and Kyl advocate, Congress should stop funding it and the Obama administration should put an end to it. Instead, other border districts should follow California’s lead. Here, federal prosecutors choose whom to prosecute along the border. They focus on the border crossers they believe are most likely to cause violence in U.S. cities—those who have serious criminal records or are major recidivists. Their approach avoids clogging the courts with petty immigration cases.

Joanna Lydgate Criticizes Federal Immigration Program

The Christian Science Monitor, March 30, 2010 by Sara Miller Llana

“The program is diverting resources away from prosecuting more serious crimes along the border,” says Joanna Lydgate, a civil rights fellow with the Warren Institute at Berkeley School of Law, which released a critical report of Operation Streamline – the umbrella name given to various programs begun along the border—in January.