john a. powell

Berkeley NAACP seeks city department to address race, equity

john a. powell and Katie Nelson cited in San Jose Mercury News, Sept. 2, 2015

The Oakland community and city staff are receiving training from the Local and Regional Alliance on Race and Equity, housed at UC Berkeley’s Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society. The alliance, headed by professors Katie Nelson and john powell, have conducted trainings across the country.

America placed whites above blacks—and built a whole society around it

john a. powell quoted on Raw Story, August 10, 2015

“Through our practices, through our culture, and certainly through our policing, we send a message every day that black lives don’t matter,” he said. In the way we call white neighborhoods “good” areas and black neighborhoods “bad,” powell said that “we have institutionalized fear of the racial other and arranged society around it.”

‘Raising of America’ Portland screening

john a. powell cited in, November 3, 2014

In the documentary … john a. powell … [discusses] topics such as pediatric neuroscience, a 1971 universal childcare bill that was vetoed at the 11th hour, the economics of investing in early care and education, and childhood trauma.

Obama team more likely than predecessors to prosecute police

john a. powell quoted in San Francisco Chronicle, August 21, 2014

“There’s reason to be concerned about how fair of a trial you could get in Missouri,” powell said, citing McCulloch’s pro-police statements during the protests. A federal trial, he said, would draw jurors from a larger and more racially diverse area and would help to “restore public confidence.”

“Overpoliced & Underprotected”: in Michael Brown killing, neglect of black communities laid bare

john a. powell interviewed on Democracy Now, August 19, 2014

“I think we actually should have a real systematic look at policing in the United States. We should make police accountable to their community. We should actually bring some of the stuff we’re learning about implicit bias into the discourse, so we move beyond ‘Is it racism? Is it not?’ And we should actually have a real conversation about race and what it means in the 21st century.”

How the Supreme Court could scuttle critical fair housing rule

john a. powell quoted in ProPublica, February 8, 2013

powell, who spells his name without capital letters, said this court has shown an eagerness to dismantle civil rights protections even when case law is well established…. “It is not waiting on controversy in the lower courts, which is the normal case. If it strikes down disparate impact that would be a huge change, but the Court is rewriting issues around civil rights and race.”

powell to lead Haas Diversity Research Center

john a. powell cited in The Post News Group, June 4, 2012

A national voice on race and ethnicity and a civil-liberties scholar, john a. powell, has been selected to lead UC Berkeley’s Haas Diversity Research Center…. He joined the faculty of the UC Berkeley School of Law and departments of Ethnic and African American Studies. Powell, who graduated from Berkeley Law in 1973 and chooses to use lower-case letters for his name, comes from Ohio State University.