Kenneth Bamberger

Kenneth Bamberger Raises Questions about Financial Risk Management

JOTWELL, Corporate Law, November 23, 2009 by Caroline Bradley

Bamberger argues that choices about the interpretation of law should not be made by “private third-parties invisible to regulators.” He asks: “how does the technological instantiation of law-elaboration through implementation fare in light of the public law norms of accountability, effectiveness and legitimacy that traditionally govern the exercise of delegated discretion?”

Kenneth Bamberger, David Kasher Discuss New Jewish Law Class

j. Weekly, November 5, 2009 by Dan Pine

“[The class] throws into relief the question of why one follows the law,” Bamberger says, “whether law and morality can be separate, and what is the law’s view of the truth.”

“The law school was a logical place to offer programs because Judaism is a particularly legalistic religion,” Kasher notes. “It’s not a stretch to talk about law and Judaism.”

Kenneth Bamberger and Andrew Guzman Think U.S. Firms Should be Liable for Unsafe Imports

San Jose Mercury News, January 26, 2009 by Ken Bamberger and Andrew Guzman

If their bottom line is affected, companies will check to see how their toys, medicines, pet food and other products are made and whether they are safe. American importers and sellers have no trouble fine-tuning their products to the precise demands of the American consumer. There is no reason to think they are any less able to make sure that the products won’t injure us or our children.