Lila Bailey

Digital orphans: The massive cultural black hole on our horizon

Lila Bailey writes for Techdirt, Oct. 13, 2015

We are looking down the barrel of a serious crisis in terms of society’s ability to access much of the culture that is being produced and shared online today. As many of these born-digital works become separated from their owners, perhaps because users move on to newer and cooler platforms, or because the users never wanted their real identity associated with this stuff in the first place, we will soon have billions upon billions of digital orphans on our hands.

Travel site built on wiki ethos now bedevils its owner

Lila Bailey quoted in The New York Times, September 9, 2012

Ms. Bailey, a teaching fellow at the University of California, Berkeley, [School of Law], read both complaints and said Internet Brands faced “a community management problem” and had few options because the people involved were volunteers…. Wikitravel is likely to lose its volunteers, she said, simply because Wikipedia is a “warm and fuzzy brand that is free with no ads.”