Michelle Anderson

Detroit proposes a lose-lose bankruptcy plan

Michelle Wilde Anderson cited on CNN Money, February 21, 2014
A substantial chunk of the funds for pensions will actually come from nonprofits and the state, and it will be tied to the preservation of the Detroit Institute of Arts. Nicknamed the grand bargain, the tactic is “basically a strategy to draw external charitable dollars into Detroit,” Anderson writes in an e-mail.

Detroit’s bankruptcy case in court

Michelle Wilde Anderson quoted in BBC News, October 23, 2013

Michelle Wilde Anderson is a law professor at UC Berkeley and an expert in municipal bankruptcy filings. She says Detroit’s case is made much harder because the laws governing municipal bankruptcies are murky. “The law is unclear on eligibility or it’s just unformed,” she says.

Detroit: What a city owes its residents

Michelle Wilde Anderson writes for Los Angeles Times, July 24, 2013

What belongs on our list of minimum standards for a city? Detroit invites us to have a public conversation about what services and public spaces we expect from city governments for human dignity and for humans to flourish. We have a chance to say that no one should have to wait hopelessly for an ambulance, that a violent crime in a neighborhood every few hours is intolerable.

Study of Memphis schools ‘dissolution’ says state’s response empowered wealthy suburbs

Michelle Wilde Anderson quoted in The Commercial Appeal, May 20, 2012

The Columbia Law Review article by UC Berkeley Law School assistant professor Michelle Wilde Anderson examined the Memphis City Schools district’s “dissolution. “… In its response to “a struggling district that opts for dissolution, the state could have and should have made the county as strong and competent as possible so as to stabilize the service provided in the dissolving district without hurting county children. Instead, Norris-Todd hobbles the combined district, favoring the strongest area suburbs over metropolitan Memphis as a whole.”

Michelle Anderson and Steven Weissman Endorse Equitable Energy Policies

The Mercury News, January 6, 2009 by Michelle Wilde Anderson and Steve Weissman

As Obama has said, energy and climate security is “not only a problem, it is also an opportunity.” His administration has an opportunity—and a duty—to lead with policies that are as equitable as they are ambitious.