Nancy Lemon

Nancy Lemon Opposes Cuts to Domestic Abuse Shelters

The Daily Californian, September 16, 2009 by Alan Cai

According to Nancy Lemon, a lecturer at Boalt Hall School of Law who studies domestic violence, agencies for the abused are a critical resource that have reduced homicide rates and ultimately save the state money. “Since each homicide costs approximately $1 million to the state for law enforcement, prosecution, jail, court time and other expenses, it is also indeed cost-saving to fund shelters,” she said.

Nancy Lemon Rebuts Criticism of Her Textbook, Domestic Violence Law

The Chronicle of Higher Education, August 10, 2009 by Nancy D. Lemon

Sommers seems to have made a career out of attacking other academics and researchers and disagreeing with their findings, citing the same assertions repeatedly over at least the last 15 years, even in the face of evidence contradicting her claims. It seems I have the honor of being her most recent target…. It is important for students to receive accurate information; good scholarship requires nothing less.

Nancy Lemon Explains Legal Option If Domestic-Abuse Victim Changes Story

Eureka Times Standard, August 3, by Thadeus Greenson

Nancy Lemon said financial dependence, wanting to keep a family together, immigration issues, family and religious pressures and a fear of retaliation can all play a role…. Faced with an alleged victim whose story has changed, Lemon said there are a variety of things prosecutors can do to proceed with the case…. “One of them is actually to call an expert witness. They would explain to the jury what the pressures are on victims not to go forward.”

Nancy Lemon Warns of Confrontation Clause Dangers

-KPCC Los Angeles, Patt Morrison, June 25

“I’m actually concerned because I think this case creates an incentive for batterers to kill their victims. If their victim is still alive, it’s easier for the prosecution to prove that the victim is being kept away. If she’s dead there’s no way to prove that.”

-KGO Talk Radio, 2 pm news hour, June 26, Gil Gross [archive unavailable]

“We need to give prosecutors the tools they need to convict people who kill their partners.”