Stephen Rosenbaum

Stephen Rosenbaum Files Complaint in Berkeley Sex-Harassment Case

The Daily Californian, November 18, 2010 by Gabby Fastiggi

“While we understand the privacy and employment-related due process protections afforded an employee … an equitable or effective process should inform the complainant of the investigation’s anticipated corrective action beyond a vague ‘taking appropriate personnel action,'” Rosenbaum stated in the complaint.

Stephen Rosenbaum Calls for Reform of Student Conduct Code

The Daily Californian, September 27, 2010 by Aaida Samad

“The protracted nature of these proceedings is one more indication that the student conduct code—both its text and implementation—is in need of repair,” said Stephen Rosenbaum, a lecturer at the law school who has represented student activists in the past, in an e-mail. “Any potential educational or judicial value of the process is obscured by the delay.”

Stephen Rosenbaum Criticizes School District’s Denial of Sex-Harassment Claim

The Oakland Tribune, September 16, 2010 by Doug Oakley

“I am surprised that he has not been terminated or transferred to an administrative position,” Rosenbaum said. “And I’m not satisfied that he remains on campus.” Rosenbaum appealed the district’s finding of inappropriate behavior, only to receive what he called a “terse and dismissive” letter from Superintendent Bill Huyett denying his appeal.

Stephen Rosenbaum Approves UC Decision to Drop Charges against Students

The New York Times, Bay Area Blog, May 5, 2010 by Rachel Gross

“I would rather” that the resolution “happened sooner, and we need to continue to be vigilant,” said Steve Rosenbaum, Ms. Miller’s lawyer and a lecturer at Boalt Hall School of Law at Berkeley who has been advising many of the student activists. “But it is definitely good news.”

Chris Kutz and Stephen Rosenbaum Expect University Policies to Comply with Law

Campus Progress, March 3, 2010 by Rebecca Green

“There’s a specialized set of case law regulating what a university can do,” explains Christopher Kutz, chair of the UC–Berkeley academic senate. “It’s not a criminal process.… It’s a different kind of entity.” Kutz says the academic senate has been following the student conduct cases and will be sitting down with the Center for Student Conduct to ensure that university policies comply with both the law and fairness.

Rosenbaum, who is taking on Bowin and other students’ cases pro bono, helped revise the code of student conduct 30 years ago when he was attending Berkeley’s law school…. “These students were guinea pigs,” Rosenbaum says. “It’s going to make them think twice before participating in any kind of lawful protest, and I think that’s part of the message the university was trying to send.”