Tejas Narechania

California joins multistate suit to block FCC repeal of net neutrality

Tejas Narechania quoted by San Francisco Chronicle, Jan. 16, 2018

The states filed a brief protective petition … said Tejas N. Narechania. … “This is just to make sure that the suing states don’t miss their opportunity to challenge the rules, and to make sure that they have some say over where the case will be heard. It looks like the court of appeals that hears this case will be determined by lottery.”

SCOTUS ruling helps resale market

Tejas Narechania quoted by ABC10, June 8, 2017

“Companies might, instead of selling things outright, they’ll only license them to you, or they’ll make you sign contracts with the purchases that limit what you can do in the resale market,” he said.

Unbreaking: 7th Circuit recalls ‘erroneously issued’ decision

Tejas Narechania quoted by Bloomberg BNA, Jan. 6, 2017

Former Seventh Circuit and Supreme Court clerk Tejas N. Narechania … explained that the process for releasing opinions in the Seventh Circuit is a multi-step one. “After oral argument, the panel holds a conference and reaches a tentative decision, and the presiding judge—or the senior judge in the majority—assigns the opinion.”