EPA wants to make your cars dirtier and more expensive to drive

Ethan Elkind writes for ColoradoBoulevard.net, April 3, 2018

If EPA is successful in rolling back these standards, the agency will undermine the fight against climate change, increase toxic air pollution and attendant public health impacts, cost drivers money in terms of having to buy more gasoline for the same amount of driving, and diminish U.S. automaker competitiveness with international rivals who fully embrace more fuel-efficient and zero-emission vehicles.

Supreme Court shields a police officer from being sued for shooting a woman in her front yard

Erwin Chemerinsky quoted by Los Angeles Times, April 2, 2018

Erwin Chemerinsky … said Monday’s decision is part of a trend. “In case after case involving excessive police force, the Supreme Court is finding for the police and keeping juries from ever being able to decide if the police acted impermissibly. This contributes significantly to the difficulties in holding police accountable,” he said.

Did Shulkin get fired or resign? This is why it matters.

Anne Joseph O’Connell quoted by Politico, March 31, 2018

O’Connell said she believes the law does in fact apply to firings and she listed several potential hurdles to mounting a serious legal challenge. Among them: finding somebody who has been injured by a decision made by the acting secretary and convincing a court that the law intended to stop presidents from picking acting secretaries after a firing. Another potential difficulty: figuring out a way to differentiate between a firing and a forced resignation.

Remembering Judge Stephen Reinhardt, the Ninth Circuit’s ‘liberal lion,’ and my friend

Erwin Chemerinsky writes for The Sacramento Bee, March 30, 2018

He was a judge whose opinions consistently protected civil rights and civil liberties; he usually favored the individual over the government and the government over business. More subtly and more importantly, it was a judicial philosophy based on the view that the Constitution embodies a profound respect for human dignity and that its meaning evolves through interpretation.

Marin County judge overturns previous decision barring lethal injections, executions won’t resume soon

Jen Moreno quoted by Daily Journal (registration required), March 29, 2018

“Given the fact that Morales is still ongoing and has to be resolved, and also seeing the Masters case, I don’t know that this changes the status quo of where things are in California right now. … While certainly the Sims opinion was one of the barriers to resumption of executions in California, there’s still a number of things that have to be resolved.”