Why Australia is ‘saving’ SA’s white farmers

Ian Haney López cited by Mail & Guardian, March 15, 2018

Dog whistling politics, and by this we mean “expressing racially loaded ideas in coded terms”, as … Ian Haney Lopez explains it, has become part of the armoury of conservative politicians in Australia since Howard’s time.

Porn star raising funds for legal expenses in Trump disclosure fight

Mark Gergen quoted by ABC News, March 14, 2018

“Their ability to collect liquidated damages is only as good as their ability to enforce it,” explained Mark Gergen. … “And any effort to get damages for a breach of the agreement could really expose [Trump and Cohen] to some very embarrassing discovery and cross-examination.”

Some tax law provisions could make for a tougher recession

Alan Auerbach quoted by Bloomberg BNA, March 13, 2018

“Legislators somehow feel that NOL recovery is sort of an inappropriate gift, whereas it really is a way of cushioning the effects of cyclical income,” he said, calling the provision a “money grab.” “Tightening the rules—getting rid of the loss carrybacks, allowing only 80 percent offset against taxable income in the future—I think that is not good for cyclical industries.”

Please stop building houses exactly where wildfires start

Ethan Elkind quoted by WIRED, March 13, 2018

“It’s a feedback loop,” says Ethan Elkind. … “We’ve made it very hard across the country to build in existing urban neighborhoods, which have been shown repeatedly to have lower carbon emission per capita…and we’re subsidizing people living out in sprawling, more vulnerable areas outside cities.”

Could the Feds bigfoot California over water?

Holly Doremus quoted by California Magazine, March 13, 2018

“Since the 19th Century, water law historically has been left to the states—the federal government typically has been deferential, and that includes the rights of western states to appropriate water, even from federal land.”

Trump vs the Golden State

Erwin Chemerinsky writes for Daily Journal (registration required), March 13, 2018

Ultimately, underlying this dispute are very different views about immigration and about the scope of federal power. The greatest irony is in seeing a very conservative president championing federal power and progressives picking up the mantle of state’s rights.

Blockchain: Are you ready for cross-industry disruption?

Olga Mack writes for Above the Law, March 12, 2018

Ultimately, the future of blockchain is now. Although blockchain has been dismissed as a fleeting trend or mere hype, the lawyers who put in the work now will reap the benefits of their blockchain expertise in the coming years of disruption.