Digital Teacher’s Tool Kit: Flash Drive

Digital Teacher’s Tool Kit: Flash Drive
Small, Portable, Storage

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Before class begins, a professors walks into his classroom to set up. Having requested a laptop from Media Services, he finds it set up on the podium, plugged in and ready to go. With only a few minutes before class begins, he quickly pulls out his flash drive, plugs it into the computer and a couple seconds later has his Powerpoint on the screen ready to go.

Flash drives, also called thumb drives, are a cheap and easy way to keep your files with you. Whether you are transferring your Powerpoint to class or bringing materials with you to a presentation at another institution, having a flash drive is quick and easy way to show up prepared.

Today, Flash drives are so inexpensive that you can buy one with enough storage to save Powerpoints for an entire semester, along with PDF readings and even a few video files, all for less than $20. Even if you take your laptop with you to class, you will find having a Flash drive with you to be a great last minute back-up and an easy way to share your files.

Flash drive are so small and portable that you actually need to worry about losing them, which can happen. It’s best to keep them in your briefcase or bag. Some people even attach them to their keys.

Tip: When you are working on a file that is saved on your flash drive, be sure to save and close them before pulling your Flash drive out. To be even more careful you can eject the flash drive before you pull it out. For more information contact John-Mark Ikeda at,