Make Non-Linear and Dynamic Presentations with Prezi

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prezi logo

Prezi rethinks slide presentations. While Prezis can have a linear flow, they also can produce interactive and non-linear presentations. Presenters can zoom into slides for more detail and easily pan from one area to another. Prezis can also be far more creative with the way information is displayed.

Think of Prezi as more like a large canvas, with groups of information on it, rather than just a deck of slides. Images and graphics, even text can be displayed in ways that reinforce the concepts you are teaching. Animations and the ability to dynamically move between content on your Prezi, makes it also more interesting to watch as an attendee.

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Presenting flowcharts or complex systems with a Prezi would transform a static image to an interactive and engaging learning experience.  For more information on Prezi, visit, or contact John-Mark Ikeda at