Loan Servicing Centers for Federal Student Loans

Some Boalt graduates reported that their federal student loans were transferred from Direct Direct Loan Servicing (ACS)  to another servicing provider without any notice or access information.

If that happens to you, please check the Federal Student Aid’s Help – Contact site for contact information to your new servicing provider.

Class of 2011

Up-to-date we received 61 applications from 2011 graduates. That is an all time record!

Welcome 2011 graduates to the LRAP…………you are awesome!

Create a Spending Plan Information Session (10/26)

Wednesday, October 26

12:50 PM – 1:50 PM

Create a Spending Plan Information Session

170 Boalt Hall

Create a Spending Plan and Better Manage your Student Loans 1Ls: Plan to attend the info session aimed at taking control of your spending and planning your borrowing while at Berkeley Law. This session will enable you to evaluate your spending, assist in reducing your student loan debt, avoiding credit card debt, and becoming overall budget savvy. Download our Spending Plan spreadsheet and bring your laptop to the session. All students are welcome!

Student loan exit conseling

In order to keep your student loans in good standing, graduating students have to complete the exit counseling. If you are not sure what repayment plan or payment due date to choose, you may opt for the standard option and make changes later.

Please familiarize yourself with the Direct Loan Servicing account. Along with the LRAP application you have to provide documentation of your repayment plan selection which is available within the account summary information.


A week ago Heather Jarvis, a student loan expert, went public with a new website that offers a wealth of information about student loan repayment. If you plan to utilize the IBR and PSLF program you may want to follow her blog.

Are your Loans eligible for Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF)?

Only Federal DIRECT Loans (Stafford, GradPLUS and consolidation loans) are eligible for PSLF. If you borrowed federal loans under the Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) program, you have the option to consolidate your FFEL loans with Federal DIRECT Consolidation Loans. Keep in mind that the consolidation loan will enter repayment immediately after graduation without a grace period. You may want to consider delaying the processing of your Direct Consolidation Loan until closer to the end of your grace period.

Use your PIN to look up your federal student loans in the National Student Loan Data System.: www.nslds.ed.gov.