Oceans + Climate Change Governance



Thank you for your interest in the proceedings of this conference.  We hope for continued engagement about the current oceans and climate change governance framework and where we should be headed next.  This website includes basic information about the conference, including the agenda and other relevant resources.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

Conference Objectives

Climate change is rapidly affecting ocean resources, necessitating modified governance approaches to mitigate impacts and adapt to unavoidable changes.  The goal of this conference was to convene international ocean governance experts to discuss current initiatives related to oceans and climate change.  We aimed for a holistic conversation about ongoing efforts occurring at international, regional, and select domestic levels, in order to identify best practices and analyze potential or existing linkages to other regulatory and policy frameworks.

This conference coincided with numerous ongoing efforts related to integrating oceans and climate change from legal, policy, scientific, and technical perspectives. Current efforts include the IPCC’s ongoing preparation of a special report on oceans, climate change, and the cryosphere; the ongoing work of the International Law Association’s committee on sea level rise; global discussion of implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 14; the pending recommendations from the UN Biodiversity in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction Preparatory Committee to the General Assembly; and many others.  We contributed to these efforts by synthesizing information on governance and regulatory initiatives, including how the regimes link together.

Desired Outcomes

The result of the discussion will be a narrative map of current ocean law and policy initiatives focused on climate change mitigation and adaptation, and how they link to existing legal regimes, frameworks, and broader climate change efforts.

Following the meeting, participants have been invited to contribute scholarly articles to a dedicated proceedings publication.  If you have note done so already, please contact us if you are interested in submitting a contribution.



Key Locations

Clarion Hotel and Congress Malmö Live
World Maritime University, Malmö, Sweden

Conference Participants

Oceans + Climate Change Governance


Conference Organizers

We would also like to express our gratitude for the cooperating sponsorship provided by the
Korea Research Institute of Ships & Ocean Engineering