The following case studies examine the institutional context in which MAR projects are conducted. The series is being produced as part of a larger project examining this topic.

All case studies are in draft form and have not been finalized for publication. Please contact Mike Kiparsky ( if you would like to circulate or cite to any of the case studies.

Case Study 1Arizona Water Banking Authority (AWBA)

Case Study 2Bear Canyon Recharge Project

Case Study 3Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer Recharge Program (ESPA Recharge Program)

Case Study 4Heyborne Ponds

Case Study 5Kern Water Bank

Case Study 6 – Sand Hollow Reservoir (forthcoming)

Case Study 7 – McMullin On-Farm Flood Capture and Recharge Project (forthcoming)

Case Study 8Recharge Net Metering (ReNeM)

Case Study 9Groundwater Replenishment System (GWRS)

Case Study 10Sustainable Water Initiative for Tomorrow (SWIFT)

Case Study 11H2Oaks Aquifer Storage and Recovery