Cyber-Hate: Defining and Combating Antisemitism and Hate Online

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Cosponsored by the Helen Diller Institute for Jewish Law, Thought, and Identity and the Berkeley Center for Law and Technology

This symposium will explore the phenomenon of cyber-hate. What are the key issues and manifestations? What are the appropriate responses to online hate? What are the frameworks available — legal, social, technological — and possible constraints to responding? How do we evaluate the success of various solutions?

Join us for a two-part virtual symposium this spring – each session will be 90 minutes with a keynote address and a moderated panel. Please see the description of the symposium below.

Thursday, February 4 and Thursday, March 4
Each of these separate sessions will run from 9-10:30 AM

MCLE credit will be offered at 1.5 units per 90 minute session.

Thursday, February 4

Session 1: Translating Hate in the Digital World

The first session, titled Translating Hate in the Digital World, defines the scope of the problem of cyber-hate and its manifestations, with a particular focus on religion, race, and gender.

The panel delved deeper into the question of understanding and recognizing online antisemitism, racism, and gender hate. How do different forms of hate manifest themselves differently online? How can we educate ourselves to recognize racism and discrimination in their different online forms?

Keynote and Moderator:

Christopher Wolf, ADL, Hogan Lovells LLP

Carrie Goldberg, C.A. Goldberg, PLLC
Vlad Khaykin, ADL
Danielle Citron, (University of Virginia School of Law)

This program has passed. Watch the recording below if you missed it!

Thursday, March 4

Session II: Combating Online Hate: Law, Technology, and Society

In this session, we look at remedies and responses, discussing the legal, social, and technological frameworks and constraints for responding to online hate.

Prof. Yuval Shany (former Dean at Hebrew University, and former Chair of the United Nations Human Rights Committee), keynote this session. We have invited David Kaye (UC Irvine Law), Imran Ahmed (Center for Countering Digital Hate), and Mary Anne Franks (University of Miami School of Law) to participate in the panel.

The panel delves deeper into the conversation about appropriate responses — what has worked, what has failed, what have been the limitations to effective responses, how do we evaluate successful solutions, and how can we do better at combating hate?

Keynote and Moderator:
Yuval Shany, former Dean at Hebrew University Law, and former Chair of the United Nations Human Rights Committee

Imran Ahmed, CEO, Center for Countering Digital Hate  
Mary Anne Franks, Professor of Law & Dean’s Distinguished Scholar, University of Miami School of Law
David Kaye, UC Irvine School of Law, former United Nations Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression

Watch the recording below if you missed it!

9:00am Keynote Address
9:30 Panel discussion
10:30am End of Program