To Future Lawyers: “Invest Time Understanding the Intersection Between Law And Technology”

Prof. Bill Henderson from Indiana University Law School wrote an interesting article for the most recent issue of the National Jurist.  He is an expert on the legal industry and writes often about fundamental changes the industry is experiencing and will likely face in the future.

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His conclusion:     “Invest time understanding the intersection between law and technology. Read [author and legal futurist Richard] Susskind’s books.  Subscribe (via email or RSS feeds) to the many publications in the network, including the Law Technology News, and the ABA Daily Journal (most content is free).  Some terrific blog include Law21, Strategic Legal Technology, 3 Geeks and a Law Blog, or The Legal Whiteboard (my own blog).  Identify some of the new, innovative companies and ask for informational interviews—don’t be shy.  These companies will be flattered.  And remember the advice followed by countless successful people: ‘luck is when opportunity meets preparation.'”