Budget Appeal Forms are now available for 2012-13

Students whose financial aid budgets do not reflect their actual costs may submit a budget appeal to increase costs for additional loan eligibility.

Budget Appeal Forms are available on our Forms page and should be submitted to the Berkeley Law Financial Aid Office.
Please allow 2 weeks for processing.  If the appeal requires review by the Graduate Appeals Committee, processing time will be longer.


If you drive and you are requesting an additional transportation allowance, you must explain the necessity for using private rather than public transportation.

Your name must be on the lease/rental agreement and on all utility bills. If the housing documentation indicates occupancy by more than one person, the total housing cost will be divided by the number indicated.

If you are requesting additional aid to pay medical expenses incurred prior to the
beginning of the current academic year, you must provide a current statement indicating the amount still outstanding.

Computer Purchase: The computer must be purchased during the enrollment period for which you are requesting the budget adjustment. You may only request a budget adjustment for a computer purchase once every three academic years.

Inadequately documented expenses will not be considered.

The following expenses are not allowable for funding with need-based financial aid:
Credit card payments -Job interview expenses -Bar review expenses
Educational loan repayment- Purchase/maintenance of a car -Additional allowance for food
Discretionary (optional) medical or dental procedures

Requests for add-ons which exceed the maximum allowance will be referred to the Graduate Appeals Committee.

Appeals are scanned into our imaging system. In order to avoid readability problems we request that you use black ink only; do not use finepoint pen, or highlighter.  Submit all documentation on white 8 ½” x 11″ paper.

Email:  financial-aid@law.berkeley.edu – Phone:  510-642-1563 – Fax:  510-666-3577