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Info Session Monday, April 18: The Financial Value of Your Law Degree

We are fortunate to have Jason DiLorenzo of GLAdvisor return this semester to make another presentation to Berkeley Law students. He made a very well received presentation at the Class of 2011’s “Tax Day” event. This session will be an expansion on that but is not limited to students going into the private sector. The information will be of value to all students. Please plan to take the time to hear him speak.


The Financial Value of Your Law Degree:

A Presentation on How Recent Legislation Can Improve the Economic Value of Your J.D.


Learn what steps you need to take in order to position your debt, tax filing and finances to fully realize the benefits of these pivotal statutory student loan changes.


Monday, April 18

140 Boalt Hall



Presented by Jason DiLorenzo


• An examination of escalating debt levels’ effect in eroding a Law degree’s financial value and how recent events have reversed this trend markedly.

• The steps you need to take in order to maximize the benefits of these new programs and to mitigate the costs of your debt.

• Inherent conflicts of interest and common mistakes people make while navigating these programs and other financial matters.

• Q & A to follow

Your 1098-T and Income Taxes

The Financial Aid Office cannot advise on income tax issues but we are providing the following links to get you started in your research.

Publication 970 (Tax Benefits for Education):

If you received a 1098-T document in the mail:

Visit the Tax Credit Reporting Service (TCRS) website at for information about tax credits or your 1098-T. For specific questions about your 1098-T, contact TCRS toll free at (877) 467-3821 (Monday-Friday excluding holidays, from 1pm to 11pm PST).

Graduate Division Parent Grant

The Graduate Division administers a need-based grant for registered graduate student parents (single, married, or registered domestic partners) with dependent children living with them. This grant may be applied toward housing, dependent health insurance, child care, and/or fee and tuition costs. Awards of approximately $8000 per academic year will be made to eligible students, funding permitting.

The application deadline for continuing students is generally toward the end of March. New students must submit an application by the end of May to be considered for the Parent Grant. The application for the 2011-2012 academic year is not yet available. Check the Graduate Division web site for updated 2011-2012 application deadlines and the new application form:


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