Nancy Lemon

Victim in Reuben Foster case hires an attorney. Here’s what that means

Nancy Lemon quoted by The Sacramento Bee, April 20, 2018

“If there is really no other evidence besides the victim’s statement at the time of the arrest or right afterward, then it’s much harder to go forward. However, if they do have a lot of other evidence like photos – if the police took a lot of photos – that kind of thing can enable them to go forward without the victim’s testimony.”

The California Report

Nancy Lemon interviewed by KQED, Nov. 16, 2017

“Guns are used not just to kill people, but also to intimidate people and keep them under control. … [When seeing or hearing domestic abuse,] it’s really important to not just say ‘Oh, they’re at it again,’ but instead to call 911.”

Episode 8: Interview with Nancy Lemon, Esq.

Nancy Lemon interviewed by Change Agent Podcast, Sept. 25, 2017

“I wanted to have a powerful tool to help change how women were treated in this society. … So then I volunteered at a battered women’s shelter … I would often stay up all night listening to the women and we did our very first restraining order–one of the women and I–on the kitchen table. … I still remember some of those women and the stories that they told me. I remember doing that [first] restraining order and wanting to help more people.”

Ray Rice and domestic violence in the NFL

Nancy Lemon interviewed on 95.7-FM, Bucher and Towny, September 9, 2014

“The way that we treat athletes starting in high school going through college and into pro sports often gives them the impression that they are somehow above the rules of ordinary people…. We need to take all abuse seriously, even if it’s just the victim of the abuse saying that it happened.”

Fleeing abuse victim cleared of DUI charge

Nancy Lemon cited by KTVU, January 30, 2014
During the four day trial, Nancy Lemon, UC Berkeley Law lecturer and leading authority on domestic violence, testified that Paulo suffered from battered woman syndrome and had a clear history of being abused physically and emotionally by her boyfriend over several years.

An appealing strategy

Nancy Lemon quoted in California Lawyer Magazine, January 2013

“Statistically, when battered moms bring up domestic violence in mediation before a custody hearing, they are less likely to be awarded custody,” says Nancy Lemon, a UC Berkeley law professor, FVAP’s legal director, and the drafter of section 3044. “It’s baffling. And the only way to reverse these adverse decisions is via appeal.”

Decision on S.F. Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi outrages domestic violence activists

Nancy Lemon quoted in San Jose Mercury News, October 11, 2012

One domestic violence expert in particular, however, says that Mirkarimi fits into the abuser narrative: “denying, not taking responsibility, saying it was just a grab, not a big deal,” said Nancy K.D. Lemon…. It is also typical for victims of domestic violence to minimize the actions of their abusers. “There’s mixed messages coming down,” Lemon said Wednesday. “One of the messages is you can do this and get away with it. That’s dangerous. The second is saying the sheriff is held to a lower standard than his own deputies.”