One year of Donald Trump: how are US universities faring?

Erwin Chemerinsky quoted by Times Higher Education, Jan. 18, 2018

Going back to the 1950s, the McCarthyist “fight to deal with communists was in large part [conducted] on college campuses…the civil rights protests were often directed at colleges, the anti-Vietnam protests were centred on colleges”, he points out. “So it’s not surprising that if there’s going to be so-called culture wars, campuses will be at the centre of them.”

Eventually the president will have to talk

John Yoo writes for The Wall Street Journal, Jan. 18, 2018

The Watergate ruling makes clear that criminal investigations trump executive privilege. … If Mr. Trump then wished to prevent the questions, he would have to fire Mr. Mueller. But no matter who replaced him as special counsel, the White House would eventually have to talk.

Bracing for a Supreme Court attack, labor unions make plans to survive

Catherine Fisk quoted by ThinkProgress, Jan. 18, 2018

“There are a few examples of unions in different states — in right-to-work states — that I believe have experimented with not handling individual grievances,” Fisk told ThinkProgress. Whether unions could (or should) also negotiate contracts exclusively on behalf of dues-paying members is a “harder question.”

Undocumented student in ICE custody could be headed back to Berkeley

Prerna Lal quoted by Berkeleyside, Jan. 17, 2018

“Law and justice prevailed today,” Lal tweeted. “Luis Mora has been granted the absolute minimum bond and we’re heading to [Immigration Customs and Enforcement] to pay it now so he is released today.” Later in the morning, she said the attorney overseeing Mora’s case was in court, so the release might be postponed.

California joins multistate suit to block FCC repeal of net neutrality

Tejas Narechania quoted by San Francisco Chronicle, Jan. 16, 2018

The states filed a brief protective petition … said Tejas N. Narechania. … “This is just to make sure that the suing states don’t miss their opportunity to challenge the rules, and to make sure that they have some say over where the case will be heard. It looks like the court of appeals that hears this case will be determined by lottery.”