Multiculturalism isn’t bad for women – but racism is: Kanji

Leti Volpp quoted by, May 4, 2017

“Part of the reason many believe the cultures of the Third World or immigrant communities are so much more sexist than Western ones is that incidents of sexual violence in the West are frequently thought to reflect the behaviour of a few deviants — rather than as part of our culture. In contrast, incidents of violence in the Third World or immigrant communities are thought to characterize the cultures of entire nations.”

In his first criminal cases, Neil Gorsuch already mirroring Scalia

Andrea Roth cited by The Daily Signal, May 3, 2017

Berkeley law professor Andrea Roth summed up Stuntz’s argument, saying that these rules … have “rendered trials too expensive” and complex for anyone but elite lawyers to tackle. In turn, writes Roth, this “has driven prosecutors and lawmakers to seek ways to avoid trial and force pleas through draconian sentencing schemes, a skewed focus on easily detected urban drug crimes mostly committed by racial minorities, and ever-expanding substantive criminal law.”

U.S. executions: New troubles could resonate in upcoming case

Jen Moreno quoted by Associated Press, April 29, 2017

“There is so much evidence that this drug leads to problematic and likely torturous executions, and the two courts that have heard the most evidence – Ohio and Arkansas – ruled against the drug,” said Jen Moreno, a staff attorney with the Berkeley Law Death Penalty Clinic.

Arkansas executions: death chamber evidence sought amid torture fears

Megan McCracken quoted by The Guardian, April 28, 2017

“It is very disturbing to read witness accounts that Mr. Williams was breathing and moving at the time of the consciousness check, because subsequent administration of the paralytic would hide any conscious suffering he experienced,” said Megan McCracken of the Death Penalty Clinic at UC Berkeley school of law.

The current CRISPR patent dispute, explained

Robert Merges quoted by California Magazine, April 27, 2017

“The good news is that Berkeley has pending CRISPR patents of its own, and these have been delayed due to the patent trial court case,” Merges said. “With that resolved, it’s anticipated the patent office will move ahead with Cal’s patent approval.”

Spreading Plan C to end pregnancy

Jill Adams quoted by The New York Times, April 27, 2017

“We’ve discovered 40 different kinds of laws that are potentially implicated when someone ends their own pregnancy,” said Jill E. Adams. … So far, she said, the S.I.A. team has identified 18 arrests related to self-induced abortion around the country, “but I’m afraid that’s just what made the news. I suspect the true number is significantly higher.”

New website offers US women help to perform their own abortions

Jill Adams quoted by The Guardian, April 27, 2017

The law is nothing if not complicated,” said Jill Adams, the chief strategist of the Self-Induced Abortion Legal Team, a project associated with Berkeley Law. … In general, the act of looking for or giving out information about self-inducing an abortion is protected by law, Adams said.